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SMTP Component
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POP3 Component
Reading Excel Data with C# and Open XML Retrieving and managing email with POP3 and C# ostrosoft internet tools
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What's new:

OstroSoft POP3 Component 4 (OSPOP3.dll) is available for download
OstroSoft POP3 Component is a software library for retrieving email messages from POP3 mailserver.
It works with .NET or COM and supports secure email(SSL), complete and partial message retrieval, email (MIME) attachments, mailbox status check and reset

New version fixes problems with secure mailserver connections (SSL/TLS) and saving the attachments. It also features a smaller footprint (only 30 KB).
More information about POP3 Component, code examples and usage scenarios are available on product information page.
Excel data reader (REDOX.dll) is available for download
A software library for reading Excel data programmatically.
Supports Excel spreadsheets in Open XML format (default format since Office 2007).
Works with programming languages and environments supporting .NET
More information about Excel data reader, object reference, download and usage instructions are available on product information page.

Companion book "Reading Excel Data with C# and Open XML: Basics and implementation" is available at Amazon
OstroSoft SMTP Component 8 (OSSMTP.dll) is available for download
New version includes both COM (OSSMTP.dll) and .NET (OSSMTP_Plus.dll) libraries.

Both libraries are functionally identical with support for multiple recipients, email (MIME) attachments, authentication, HTML email, custom headers, embedded objects and SSL.
OSSMTP_Plus.tlb is no longer supported and will be dropped from consecutive releases.

OSSMTP.dll and OSSMTP_Plus.dll are not binary compatible.
Use OSSMTP.dll in COM projects (VB6 and older, VBA, MS SQL, VBScript and JavaScript).
Use OSSMTP_Plus.dll in .NET projects (you can still use OSSMTP.dll in .NET projects via Interop).
More information about SMTP Component, code examples and usage scenarios are available on product information page.
New OstroSoft website launched
Simplified website we had for the last few months is now our mobile website.
You can still browse it at http://m.ostrosoft.com/
OstroSoft FormoEd is no longer supported
It didn't work properly since Windows XP, and, considering its user base, isn't worth updating.
There are plenty of similar applications that function on modern operating systems.
OstroSoft ICMP Component is no longer supported as a standalone product and will be merged with OstroSoft Winsock Component
This is done in order to simplify our product lineup.
Licenses for both ICMP and Winsock Component will remain valid.

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